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Daleair is a small airline based at Durham Tees Valley Airport. With a small fleet of aircraft, we still manage to offer supreme service to our pilots from around the globe; all catered for. Since founding as a community-based airline in late 2018, as DSVirtual, we've developed strengths and augumented forward from weaknesses, leading us to what you see today... Welcome aboard! Daleair is a specialist company, and only approves of experienced and talented pilots. Could you be our next competent aviator of our team?

Daleair; a community airline based around you.

If you're looking for a fun, friendly and free airline, you may have found a match. Join us today!


Daleair provides a simple yet effective ranking system which enables pilots to track their progress in our airline.

Something for All

We support a variety of Flight Simulators, including FSX, FS2004 and P3D, enabling almost everyone to engage in our operations, and nothing is stopping you... Whether you be a complete novice or a complete veteran, we offer solutions to conform to your requirements.

Our Operations

Daleair will never fail to retain your interest, with a host of many routes, and a small yet exciting range of unique aircraft, taking you to many different places. Spend time with our friendly staff, pilots and patriots to our airline.


Callsign: Brightwing

Latest News

New Site Design (7/1/18)
We've introduced this new, fresh design for our guests and pilots to enjoy. It should have improved compatibility with other devices.

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